Departmental student body and representative committee Pedagogy (education) – who we are

All students of a department are members of the departmental student body. The term “departmental students’ representative committee” (also called “active departmental student body”) usually refers to those students who actively stand in for the rights and interests of all students at a department. These include elected students’ representatives and volunteering students from the departmental student body who wish to get actively involved.

The activities of the departmental students' representative committee largely depend on the number of students it represents and their interests.

The following list states our main duties:

  • Representing the students in the administrative bodies of the university, particularly those of the institute;
  • Organising the orientation week (OWO);
  • Organising informative events and similar for education students;
  • Improving the studying environment of future teachers.

We look forward to welcoming new members of the departmental student body and representative committee; the more we are, the more we can accomplish!

Who we are

The following people are currently members of the active departmental student body at the Institute of General and Vocational Education:

Kai Alex Julia
Alla Kassandra Josepha
Kosta Angelika

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